Londonskaya: history & guests

1826-1828 – a private residence in which  Londonskaya Hotel initially was located at 11 Boulevard Street (nowadays the Primorsky Boulevard) was built under the project of architect F.K.Boffo in style of the early Italian Renaissance.

1846 – Londonskaya Hotel welcomed the first visitors. Jean-Batiste Karuta, the well-known French confectioner and epicure became the creator and first owner of the hotel. As all the “patriotic” French names were already taken by the other hotels, Karuta turned his look to foggy Great Britain and Londonskaya hotel appeared in Odessa.

1899-1900 – the first capital renovation of  Londonskaya  under the project of the architect J.M. Dmitrenko who added the beautiful features which still exist today. Great care was taken to preserve the hotels distinct architecture, both the interior of the hotel with its turn-of-the-century décor and the magnificent façade were restored to their former glory. The Brazilian emperor Don Pedro II, Anton Chekhov, Alexander Kuprin, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ivan Ayvazovsky were among the guests of the hotel in Odessa.

1917 – the “revolutionary” and after that the “soviet” history of the hotel took its turn. In those years of general equality and ascetism it has managed to keep completely extraordinary atmosphere of aristocracy. The guest book of the Londonskaya Hotel has played host to celebrities from all over the world like  Louis Aragon, Elsa Triolet, Isidora Dunkan.

1988 – the last renovation of the national and cultural landmark — Londonskaya Hotel in Odessa — was completed. It was not a surprise that the most famous stars of the I International Cinema festival “Golden Duкe” (Marcello Mastrojani, Nikita Mikhalkov, Oleg Jankovskiy, Mark Zakharov and Stanislav Govorukhin) were hosted by Londonskaya Hotel.

Londonskaya Hotel symbolizes true hospitality, welcoming the rich, famous, world leaders and cultural icons and have special reason to be proud that outstanding political leaders Vladimir Putin, Viktor Yuschenko, Leonid Kuchma, Alexander Kvasnevsky, Hollywood movie star Tim Roth and Jean Claude van Damme, italian film producer Giuzeppe Tornatore, famous cardiosurgeon from South Africa Christian Barnard, opera diva Montserrat Caballe and balley prima Maya Plesetskaya, brazilian writer Paolo Coelho have walked the halls and stayed in Londonskaya’s luxurious guestrooms and suites.