Rules for the provision of hotel services at the Londonskaya Hotel

1. General Provisions

1.1 Londonskaya Hotel provides **** (Four Stars) facilities and services.
1.2 Working hours – 24.

2. Booking Procedures, Terms and Conditions of Check-In and Check-Out, Accommodation and Payment Procedures

2.1 Room rates are set by the order of the General Мanager of Londonskaya Hotel.
2.2 Upon check-in guests must provide a credit card details where a deposit is blocked to guarantee the payment of additional service provided by the hotel.
2.3 Payment for accommodations will be charged in accordance with the check-out time – 12:00 a.m. of the current day (local time).
2.4 Accommodation from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. is charged as a daily rate;
2.5 Check-in time at Londonskaya Hotel is 02:00 p.m. Check-in time from 06:30 a.m. till 02:00 p.m. is considered to be an Early Arrival and is charged as 50% of the daily rate. Check-in time and accommodation from 00:00 till 06:30 a.m. will be charged as full daily rate;
2.6 Check-out time at Londonskaya Hotel is 12:00 Check-out from 12:00 till 06:00 p.m. is considered to be a Late Departure and is charged as 50% of the daily rate. Check-out time after 06:00 p.m. will be charged as full daily rate;
2.7 Early arrival, late departure are provided upon the room availability. Guest(s) have to notify the Reception Desk about prolongation of their stay at least 2-hours before the check-out time and pay additionally the cost of accommodation for extended period.

3. Registration Procedure
The documents for registration of accommodation are: Passport, Birth Certificate (for persons under the age of 16), Identification Card (for military personnel and / or foreign nationals, National Passport and Valid Visa (if necessary) ;
Registration of accommodation is provided by Receptionist, during his absence by Front Office Manager.

4. Accommodation Rules

4.1. In accordance with Fire Safety Rules, it is prohibited:
To use the electric heating appliances in the rooms, irons, heaters, and extension cords in the rooms;
To keep and bring flammable and combustible materials, chemical and radioactive materials, weapons, toxic materials, and bulky items in the rooms. Please note that size of “Bulky Items” should not exceed 180 cm (length, weight and height); and should be stored in the luggage room;
To smoke in bed, to live lighted cigarettes unattended, and to throw lighted cigarettes in waste baskets;
To cover switched on sconces and floor lamps.

4.2. In order to ensure the safety and security stay of all guests at Londonskaya Hotel, it is prohibited:
To leave unregistered guests in the room, in their absence;
To have unauthorized persons in room without registration; visitors without documents should be met at the lobby area;
To store any weapons without authorized documents;
To throw garbage and bottles away from the windows;
To keep pets without permission;
To move and / or carry out furniture and bedding from the rooms;
To take actions that will disturb or annoy guests at night time
To inform immediately Reception Desk about any suspicious persons or objects in hotel rooms or public areas.
Londonskaya Hotel management reserves the right to evict the guest before his departure time in case of Rules and Regulations negligence.

5. Guests Rights and Obligations

5.1 Guests should follow accommodation and fire safety rules, keep the order; faucets, windows and door should be closed when leaving;
5.2 Guests should immediately notify the Reception Desk about loss of personal belongings in order to undertake appropriate measures.
5.3 Guests are obliged to compensate any loss or damages of Londonskaya Hotel property in accordance with the current legislation and price list approved by General Manager;
5.4. Guests are responsible for any actions taken by their visitors
5.5 Guests are required to pay telephone calls at the Reception Desk in accordance with price list approved by General Manager;
5.5 Guests should pay for all services provided by the hotel upon check-out.

6. Hotel Rights and Obligations

6.1 Londonskaya Hotel will provide a high quality service and appropriate sanitary conditions in all areas;
6.2 Londonskaya Hotel will provide guests upon their request with all additional services in accordance with price list approved by General Manager.
6.3 Londonskaya Hotel will not undertake any responsibility for securities, cash, jewelry, or other valuables left in the guests’ room. Guests should keep all valuables in the Safe Box located in the Guest room.
6.4 Londonskaya Hotel will take all necessary measures to return the lost items to their owner.
6.5 Londonskaya Hotel will use Video Surveillance System in public areas except guests’ rooms and toilets for security purposes.
6.6. Londonskaya Hotel will not undertake any responsibilities for items if they are not left in-room safe deposit boxes.
6.7 Londonskaya Hotel will not undertake any responsibilities for services provided by Municipal Departments such as emergency cut off electricity or water supply.